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Build Your Own Ecosystem Solutions

If you are looking for opportunities to strengthen product portfolios at application (AI/IoT) and platform  (OpenStack/K8S) with compatible partners, CloudFusion and AI Stack are your best choice for building your own "ecosystem solutions" - the more partners onboard in one project, the bigger the values. We welcome component, OEM, platform, and cloud providers & ISV to work with us. For more success stories, find out more on our website! 



AI / Data Science Cloud Platform

GIGABYTE  Server supplies the most competitive, precision engineered servers on the market. With almost 20 years' track record of working closely with the biggest names in the data center industry, GIGABYTE has built extensive experience in developing leading-edge technology products for diverse market segments. GIGABYTE’s motherboard design background provides the base that has enabled us to continually create innovative and highly competitive products for the server industry. GIGABYTE focuses on offering distinctive configurations and features, all at solid price-performance ratios. At the core of all of this is GIGABYTE’s solid brand reputation and global presence. GIGABYTE collaborates with software partners InfinitiesSoft & Bigtera to create an integrated private / hybrid cloud platform turnkey package to streamline data, tools and workflows in AI training & Big Data analysis. This cloud platform allows you to virtualize and share the GPU and CPU resources of your bare-metal hardware deployment, maximizing time and cost efficiency when running GPU-based AI/DNN training or CPU-based analysis workloads.



Software-defined Storage

Founded in 2011, Bigtera is a disruptive innovator of industry-leading enterprise software-defined storage solutions and platforms. Bigtera solutions and platforms are designed to unify kinds of storage protocols, perform with extraordinarily high performance and availability, deliver unlimited scale-out storage capacity that scales with performance, and provide a cost effective, pay-as-you-grow business model. In 2017, Bigtera became a member of Silicon Motion Technology Corporation (Nasdaq: SIMO). Silicon Motion is a global leader in NAND Flash controller IC. Through this merge, the innovative vertical integration enables the strategy from enterprise-class solid-state disk to software-defined storage, hyper-converged storage and all-flash array. In the future, Bigtera will be the brand name of Silicon Motion’s software-defined storage product lines.


IronYuan Inc.

AI / Data Science Cloud Platform

IronYun is the first-runner in artificial intelligence deep learning technology and big data solutions, launching the industry’s first AI video surveillance system- AI NVR® AI Video Analytics System. Our plug-and-play AI NVR® not only includes the core Google-like video search function for object detection, but also provides high-accuracy intrusion detection, face search, license plate and vehicle recognition, people/vehicle counting, person fall and abnormal-activity detected functions. Together with InfinitiesSoft, IronYuan is able to provide their solution based on hybrid cloud infrastructure.