CloudFusion: ​Asia’s most connected cloud management (CPM) software

CloudFusion is a hybrid cloud management software that supports more than 10 cloud platforms. CloudFusion supports private cloud software such as Vmware, Hyper-V, RHEL, Citrix, Xen, and OpenStack. It also supports public cloud service such as AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. CloudFusion enables you to manage multi and hybrid cloud with one interface. The platform provides unified characteristics, ease of application deployment and prompt adaption to different cloud providers. With open API interface that features great elasticity, CloudFusion allows partners to integrate different platforms with API, and enlarges cloud developer's ecosystem. 

InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack Turnkey Solution: Enabling Fast Deployment of AI Application

InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack features a dual user-oriented/administrator-oriented portal with GPU support and automation of AI processes, reducing complexity and the learning curve for users to adopt Tensorflow, Caffe and a variety of other tools that focus on deep learning. With this AI Stack, user doesn't need to spend time on system maintenance, adjustment and deployment scheduling and instead can focus on AI/ML tasks.