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Using Amazon EC2 eliminates your need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster. You can use Amazon EC2 to launch as many or as few virtual servers as you need, configure security and networking, and manage storage. Amazon EC2 enables you to scale up or down to handle changes in requirements or spikes in popularity, reducing your need to forecast traffic.


Azure delivers a 99.95% compute SLA and enables you to run solutions on the same cloud that powers Skype, Office 365, Bing, and Xbox.Azure provides built-in software patching, network load balancing and high-availability features.Azure offers 24x7 technical support with engineers constantly monitoring service health.


That’s why SoftLayer provides powerful bare metal servers and flexible virtual servers in a single, seamless platform. The same data centers, one global network of networks, and a single API, Web portal, and account model.The virtual cloud servers (but rarely with bare metal), it’s all on demand and billed on monthly or hourly terms. No long-term commitments. Complete infrastructure control.

Alibaba Cloud

Ranked as China’s largest public cloud service provider and the third largest worldwide. Cut down latency and deploy globally on Alibaba Cloud’s international network of 15 data centers and manage all regions via a single global account. As a Singapore registered company, Alibaba Cloud complies with high-level international certifications to guarantee data security.

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