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Scalable & Profitable
Your commision rate is not fixed; it will grow with your sales and reward you abundantly
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Just submit application form online , we'll assign a dedicated window to contact you
Extensive Resources
Registered partners are backed-up with our sales and techinical support team and eligible to have 90 days deal registration
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Become our partner and get the free sales/technical training with certification; keep updated with our latest products and services!
About This Program
With maturity of cloud computing technology, hybrid cloud has become preferred option for increasing users worldwide. We’ve been dedicated to hybrid cloud management solutions and ready for the market. We would like to invite you to join us and win together.
Through this partner program, our mission is to solve customers' problems hand-in-hand with our channel partners.Join us, leverage your competence and transform your business from today!
Referral Partner
This type of partership is the simpliest way to do business with us, as easy as few steps, you will be able to share the profit up to 10% of selling price by referring your customer's contact information (The primary contact at the customer must be identified : Name, Email, Title & Phone) with enquiries to us, if we close the deal with them, you get a cut of commission from the deal.
Growth Partner
This is the most common partnership among our partners. Essentially, Growth Partner will do marketing and promotion by providing information regarding Infinitiessoft products/services to customers, and attempt to persuade them to purchase our products.
Value-Added Partner
Partners of this category have the highest privilege. This type of partners are capable of marketing promotion, sales, technical planning & integration. The perks include: APIs, roadmap sharing, and participation in our product initiatives, and more!
Criteria Referral Partner Growth Partner Value-Added Partner
Min. sales goal for CloudFusion 0 VM 100 VM up 500 VM up
Min. sales goal for Logloop 0 VM 100 TB up 500 TB up
Registration of channel partner program
Marketing promotion & sales
Sales status check Year 2 Quarter 1 Quarter
Participation in marketing campaign
InfinitiesSoft certified sales representative(s) min. 1 min. 2 min. 4
InfinitiesSoft certified technical staff(s) --- min. 1 min. 2
Conduct product fair & training --- min. 1 min. 3
同意交換合作夥伴的logo ---
負責客戶結案與驗收 --- ✓(註2) ✓(註2)
InfinitiesSoft certified sales & technology evangelist --- ---
Able to provide demo space to showcase InfinitiesSoft solutions --- ---
提供產品/服務的技術發展藍圖建議 --- ---
Accumulated sales volume during one year partner agreement
Benefits & Perks
Benefits & Perks Referral Partner Growth Partner Value-Added Partner
Dynamic commission rate 5%~10%(*1) Contact us Contact us
Free sales course
取得數位無限的業務人員認證 min. 1 min. 2 min. 4
Marketing collateral download
Operation Manual download
Technical document download ---
Free course for technology evangelist ---
取得數位無限的技術人員認證 --- min. 1 min. 2
Deal registration for 90 days ---
Lead forwarding --- --- ✓(*3)
Dedicated contact window for sales/technical support --- ---
Assist and sponsor partner on conducting product fair and training session --- --- ✓(*4)
After closing the deal, commision will be paid by T/T on O/A 30 days.
Partners should fill out “Deal Registration Form”. Approval/Rejection will be advised within 3 working days. Upon approval, you will get competitive pricing and technical consultancy for duration of 90 days, and no further Deal Registration will be approved for the same opportunity for a further 90 days for another partner.
Infinitiessoft reserves the right to refer customers to preferred partners and retain the final pricing to each deal.
Infinitiessoft assists and sponsors partners on resold product fair or training session; the sponsored ratio/sum should be agreed and discussed by both parties.