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About InfinitiesSoft

InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc. is a Taiwan-based software company, helping enterprises to overcome challenges and solve problems from virtualization, containerization, microservices, edge computing, hybrid cloud management, heterogeneous IT environment and Artificial Intelligence. InfinitiesSoft is the pioneer of hybrid/heterogeneous cloud management platform in Asia. With continuous R&D innovation, we integrate proprietary patented technologies and open source technologies such as Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, NVIDIA NGC etc. to provide pure software service or hyper-converged appliance: “CloudFusion” hybrid/heterogeneous cloud management software/platform and one-stop shopping AI and big data computing cloud platform “AI-Stack”.

Software Product

We develop AI-Stack machine learning collaboration & management platform and multi-cloud and hybrid cloud management software. 


We provide consulting services on machine learning and GPU management, as well as hybrid cloud management.

Technical Support

We provide technical support to AI-Stack ML collaboration & management platform and CloudFusion hybrid cloud management software .

Training & Education

We provide training and education on AI-Stack ML collaboration & management platform and CloudFusion hybrid cloud management software .


ML collaboration & management platform

 AI-Stack features a dual user-oriented/administrator-oriented portal with GPU support and automation of AI processes, reducing complexity and learning curve for users to adopt Tensorflow, Caffe and tools for deep learning. AI-stack saves your time on maintenance, adjustment and deployment to focus on AI/ML tasks. 


​Hybrid Cloud Management Software

CloudFusion supports private cloud software such as Vmware, Hyper-V, OpenStack and Kuber. It also supports public cloud service such as AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud and Alibaba Cloud. CloudFusion enables you to manage multi and hybrid cloud with one interface.

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