About InfinitiesSoft

InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc. is a Taiwan-based software company, helping enterprises to face challenges and solve problems from virtualization, containerization, microservices, edge computing, hybrid cloud management, heterogeneous IT environment and Artificial Intelligence. InfinitiesSoft is the pioneer of hybrid/heterogeneous cloud management platform in Asia. In recent years, the company moves towards providing the cloud computing resource management and scheduling platform for AI and big data. 


We embrace open source and co-create values with our partners, customers and suppliers. With continuous R&D innovation, we integrate proprietary patented technologies and open source technologies such as Linux, OpenStack, Kubernetes, NVIDIA NGC etc. to provide pure software service or hyper-converged appliance: “CloudFusion” hybrid/heterogeneous cloud management software/platform and one-stop shopping AI and big data computing cloud platform “AI-Stack”.


We collaborate with international players of cloud ecosystem such as public cloud service providers (eg. Ali Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure), private cloud companies (eg. VMware, Microsoft HyperV, OpenStack) and cloud-native/microservices (eg.  K8S and NVIDIA NGC), and work closely with various software and hardware companies and IT service providers. With alliance between OEM firms, AI software companies and system integrators, we help enterprises go through digital transformation. We bring our technical capabilities and software solutions to customers for them to build up manageability and operation of multi-clouds and enhance their service capability. We also enable customers to accelerate their speed on adopting big data analysis and AI/deep learning computing and development environment, mastering the  cutting-edge technologies and creating a competitive advantage for continuous innovation.


AI機器學習雲平台-AI-Stack logo

AI-Stack features with GPU support and automation of AI processes, reducing complexity for users to adopt for deep learning.

跨雲管理軟體平台CloudFusion logo

A comprehensive hybrid cloud management solution that supports and integrates over 30 different cloud platforms, ensuring an effective combination of the best-of-all.