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About Us
InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc.
Born in the cloud, we are here to help
To optimize resource allocation, InfinitiesSoft provides customers the omnicloud management suite all the way from development workflow planning to deployment crossing multi/hybrid clouds. Moreover, visualized analytics from log collection during production stage can even empower customers with competence and keep them motivated.

Based in APAC, we move on global scale
We have been collaborating with peers in the cloud industry at home and abroad, earning more leads together, including servers and storage manufacturers, public cloud service providers, data centers, incorporated associations, academic institutions, and so on. Through each party's support and integration, we aim to boost Taiwan's cloud-computing industry and commit to creating a better future.
Our Client
Multi/hybrid cloud management
Cloud resource utilization and effectiveness maximization
Development flow optimization and speedy deployment
Log analysis and report visualization
Cloud Service Provider
BOSS and project consultancy
Public/private cloud resources promotion
PaaS planning
Managed Service Provider
Solution integration and value adding
Enhancement on service and IT environment efficiency
Independent Software Vendor
From deployment to logging, better arrangement
Workload management and upcoming DevOps platform
Our Vision

Expand the coverage
build cloud eco-system
Lead in APAC
shoot for global market
Pioneer in development
contribute to community
Join us
Work for the company that movitate many industries.
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Job Vacancy
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